If you’re a woman who’s had enough of the stresses of 2020 and are ready to learn how to put yourself first (without the guilt!), feel more in control, and get organized as you create a roadmap for what’s next in your career, relationships and life, then join the Journey to Joy Program so you can live with more courage, confidence and joy in the New Year.


Listen, I so get it….

We can all agree that 2020 was a hot mess. But it’s time to push past it and get back on track for 2021. It’s time to rediscover your PASSION and PURPOSE, get clear on what YOU WANT, and create a plan to make that life a REALITY.

Now it’s time to feel more in control and less overwhelmed about Covid-19 & the global chaos, and move towards living the life you’ve always dreamed of in 2021.

And if there’s a silver lining to this pandemic – it’s that we’ve had the opportunity to really see all of the things that haven’t been working…and...

Now it's time to discover how to prioritize yourself, rekindle your fire for your life, and feel inspired again.

It’s easy to lose focus on what is most important to us - like our goals and dreams.

I know you’re feeling bored, unfulfilled and frustrated with so many things shut down right now… including your plans.

You may even be confused because you’ve been enjoying the freedom of working from home and really don’t want to go back to the office…but you have no clue how to maintain that freedom.

I’ve got just the solution for you.


Mastermind Program

In this group, you’ll discover the secrets for how to start putting yourself higher on your priority list, while feeling more in control and organized so that you can finally MAKE YOUR DREAMS & GOALS A REALITY.

Uncover those goals & dreams that were shoved to the side because life – and the pandemic – got in the way. Learn how to create a step-by-step plan of exactly what you need to do next to bring your career & relationship dreams & desires to life!

So if you know it’s time for you to clear up the messes that have been draining your energy, get organized & take action towards your dreams – you’re going to love the supportive positive group energy, the coaching and accountability, and the inspiration you’ll get during these 60 days of FOCUSED, MAKE-IT-HAPPEN TIME together!


Feel More in Control & Less Overwhelmed about Covid-19 & the Global Chaos and How You Can Still Move Towards Living the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of in the New Year

Uncover the Goals and Dreams That Were Shoved to the Side Because Life – and the Pandemic – Got in the Way.

Discover How to Prioritize Yourself, Rekindle Your Fire for Your Life, and Feel Inspired Again.

Clear Up All of the Messes That Have Been Draining Your Energy, Get Organized & Take Action Towards Your Dreams, NOW.

Create a Step-by-Step Plan of Exactly What You Need to Do Next to Bring Your Career & Relationship Dreams & Desires to Life!




You will receive the mood boosting My Good Day Journal. This journal page download will help you start and end your days a good note. The perfect way to add a dose of JOY to your days.


Access to the online learning video series Beyond Busyness. Discover the surprising reasons why you’re struggling to find fulfillment and what you can do about it in this 4-part series.


You’ll also receive my 25 Ways to Declutter in Less Than 10 Minutes downloadable PDF. No more wondering where to start decluttering or feeling overwhelmed. You will begin to see progress fast!

What’s included in this Mastermind Program?

  • AS WE START OUT on this journey, you will receive a private 30-minute strategy session to help you pinpoint your focus for our 3 months together
  • TWELVE solid weeks coaching support in our private Facebook group to help support you as questions or struggles come up between calls, 
  • Access to call recordings
  • A workbook to capture all of your ideas, insights, and information that you will learn throughout

Demi Radeva

Julie is not only an awesome human, but also a great coach. Coming from a background in sports, that is what I needed in order to learn, understand, and grow. I need someone to help put into words that which I cannot, someone to call me out on the “stories” I tell myself and the false beliefs I’ve built over time, and someone who can recommend practical ways through which I can learn and make positive change happen. In every session, she has helped me do just that! For anyone who is going through a tough time, feels stuck and doesn’t know where to begin – I recommend Julie. She will not only help you “see” what it is you need to work on, but also help you resolve and grow from it.

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All of the other bonuses PLUS:

BONUS: 30-minute Organizing Coaching video call

BONUS: 30-minute Accelerator Coaching call


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SAVE $451

BONUS: Organize Your Mess Party

BONUS: Vision Board Making Party


6 Payments


SAVE $350

BONUS: Organize Your Mess Party

BONUS: Vision Board Making Party


What will I experience from this program?


You’ll learn the SECRET FORMULA that will help you have HAPPIER OUTCOMES dealing with anything that comes your way – even the messy, hard stuff.

You’ll feel re-energized to CLEAR THE CLUTTER that’s been irritating the heck out of you, and feel empowered to get the rest of the crew invested and involved too! You’ll be ready to finally knock out all of those unfinished projects, and FEEL AT PEACE in your home.

You'll rediscover your PASSIONS and redefine your PURPOSE so you can FIND THE CLARITY YOU NEED to confidently move into this next phase of your career, regardless of whether that’s returning to the office, starting something completely new, or even setting out on an entrepreneurial journey. You will FIND JOY AGAIN in your career

You’ll get clear on WHAT YOU DESERVE in all of your relationships, and will FEEL EMPOWERED to stop tolerating relationships that don’t support and nurture you and your goals in life.

You’ll GET CLEAR on what you want your life to look like, feel like and be like moving forward while feeling a DEEP SENSE OF RELIEF as you leave your bad quarantine habits in the dust.

You’ll create the vision of the LIFE THAT YOU WANT you want to live and create the path towards MAKING IT A REALITY. No more feeling like you’re hanging in limbo. You will TAKE CONTROL, get clear, and start to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

You will experience all of that, plus...


You’ll FEEL REJUVENATED as you discover simple ways to bring more SELF-CARE into your days so that you can RECHARGE and FEEL BETTER PREPARED for whatever is next and supporting your loved ones who rely on you.

You’ll DEFINE YOUR BOUNDARIES, clear your plate, and FEEL EMPOWERED to say no when others are making too many demands on your time and energy. You will FEEL IN CHARGE of what fills your time and ready to help once again because you’ll FIND MORE BALANCE from your boundaries.

You’ll REKINDLE THE FIRE INSIDE and FIND JOY once again as you boldly move forward towards your future with a SENSE OF JOY, EASE and EXCITEMENT.

You’ll cultivate a whole new SENSE OF FREEDOM IN YOUR LIFE as you learn how to release what’s been zapping your time and energy.

You’ll be able to calm the anxiety built up in your inner world so that you’re ready to move into the New Year from a place of CALM and GRACE.

Spots are limited! Save yours NOW!

How do I know if this program is for me?

This program is for you if...


You feel ANXIOUS with the sh!t show that has been 2020. EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED and keeps changing. It’s so intense, scary and emotionally overwhelming. You don’t know how to deal with it all and STAY POSITIVE going into the NEW YEAR.

Your HOUSE is a NON-STOP MESS, and you feel OVERWHELMED, STRESSED and ANXIOUS. You don’t know how to get it organized, keep it organized, and get your family on board with helping.

You LOVE the FREEDOM of WORKING AT HOME, and don’t want to go back to the office...but now what?

You are QUESTIONING THE FUTURE of your RELATIONSHIP. It doesn’t feel like you are partners anymore, and you don’t know if you can get back on track. And…you aren’t sure I want to.

You DON'T WANT TO GO BACK to the way things used to be, but you don’t know how to make the changes you know you need to make. 

You don’t know what you’re doing anymore. YOU DON'T KNOW WHERE YOU'RE GOING next or how to figure it out.

YOU FEEL DRAINED. You never have any time to yourself, and you need to do more for yourself but you don’t know how to make that happen.

You’re OVER-COMMITTED. You have too much on your plate, and some of it needs to gobut what

You have so many DISTRACTIONS working from home, and it’s hard to focus. You don’t know how to get the quiet time you need and what to do with your kids in the fall. You need to figure something out.

You’re always taking care of others. You DON'T KNOW HOW TO SAY NO.


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David Belote

Life has always been a struggle for me; I never had any plan for the future. I was adrift and had no one else to help me. Julie's coaching shifted my mental habits from lifelong negativity into a positive direction. Her professional method also prevented me from backsliding. I honestly don't know what would have happened if I had not worked with Julie. Thank you, Julie!

Meet Julie

I’ve been working with clients to identify and gain clarity around what their truths are – desires, values, dreams, goals, priorities, direction – and to recognize and release what doesn't serve these truths since 2008. 

I work with my clients to help them create a life of their own design and find more fulfillment and joy in each day. I also coach my clients struggling with chaos and clutter in their homes because I recognize how much of a barrier to true happiness this can be.

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The Time is Here

It’s time for clarity and a plan for creating the joyful career, relationship and life of your dreams.

It’s time for you to take back control of your life. 

It’s time to make yourself a priority. 

It’s time to THRIVE as you take on the world (even in the face of COVID and change) and go after what you really want!