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Let's be honest and make a significant change.


Each day of your life could be more passionate and purposeful - and you know it.

It's not like you're failing. You've achieved some pretty great things. 

But sometimes you get in your own way. And you know there is definitely more for you in life.


You're just not sure HOW to breakthrough to that next level. You're busy. You get distracted. You feel frustrated and stuck.

But you've waited long enough to figure things out.

You can feel it - your life needs you to show up now.

It's time that you learned new strategies for reaching into your heart and mind and accessing new levels of power and performance.

It's time to get world-class expertise on how to advance your life more quickly.

Today, the frustration can end and you can make a decision that transforms your life forever.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

Lao Tzu

Today's the Day You Level Up and Receive Advanced World-Class Personal Development Training and Support that WORKS


You don't have to guess about how to reach the next level in life. You've worked hard enough. You have struggled enough.

There's a better way.

You can reach high performance FASTER than you ever imagined.

High performance means succeeding beyond standard norms over the long-term. 

It feels like you are living an extraordinary life that's beyond your dreams.

High performance living feels like you are fully alive and engaged in the moment again. You feel your purpose. You generate joy, confidence and love whenever you want to. You finally experience the progress you've always wanted.


High performance feels like the best days of your life suddenly becoming the norm.

Like every day is passionate, fulfilling, and meaningful. It's a whole other level of living. And it can be yours if you decide you want it right now.

Julie's #BestDecade Membership Group is the path to experiencing that next level of life.

You'll learn how to master your psychology, physiology, productivity, and people skills so that you can feel alive again, find your purpose, and feel more joyous, confident and fulfilled in every area of your life.

You don't have to struggle so much to balance your life. You don't have to keep fighting uphill battles or let your fears win. There are better ways to handle life and this is HOW.


It's time to access another level of being and achieving in life. It's time to hit high performance. 

You can make that happen TODAY by joining Julie Loomis's #BestDecade Membership Group program.

#BestDecade is an advanced online training and personal development group coaching program taught by Julie Loomis, Certified High Performance and Success Principles Coach.

The program is an advanced twice-monthly comprehensive online personal development training and group coaching program.

"People think, "If I could only get motivated, then I'll act." Nope. In actuality, it's the opposite."

Brendon Bruchard

Finally - proven strategies to master your mind, your health, your career, and your relationships.


This isn't a hype-up session or a therapy session. 

This is about giving you proven practical powers...about giving you REAL tools, mindsets, and habits to make lasting change starting NOW.

This is science-backed, heart-centered strategies and tools for excelling in life.

Julie's goal is to help you rid your life of fear, fatigue and frustration so that you can live a more joyous, creative, loving, and remarkable life.

Julie teaches to you personally during each call, leveraging the latest breakthroughs in psychology, neuroscience and world-class performance studies. And this is group coaching, so you will also learn as Julie coaches members one-on-one --- you will also have the opportunity to be coached one-on-one yourself! 

Have you ever had someone like this take you by the hand and show you the path to a higher level of excellence and fulfillment in life? 

Now Julie is coaching YOU two times every month! She's ready to help. The power is in your hands. Register today and join this membership program now! 

When you register for the #BestDecade Membership Group, you will receive the same training and tools given to Julie's private high performance coaching clients... people just like you who are striving to live their best lives.

Enjoy twice monthly calls where you will learn how to master your clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence so that you will feel more purposeful and fulfilled.


Here is a glimpse into some of what you will experience as a member:


A master's level crash course on high performance. You'll discover how high performers learn faster, use special tools and triggers to achieve goals, predict success, manage their day brilliantly, and influence others like leaders. 

Advanced psychology training to understand what really drives your behavior, shapes your thoughts, and defines your identity and happiness. You’ll create new mental frameworks for success; overcome fear and doubt; become more confident; and develop greater capacity for joy, success, resilience, and love.

You’ll master the ability to generate energy, fight off fatigue, reduce stress, increase mental stamina, and promote longevity. You’ll learn vitality skills that will give you the internal power needed for a long, healthy, motivated life.

Advanced productivity training for achieving your dreams 10x faster. This is how the world’s most successful people manage their day, get more done, organize projects, evaluate opportunities, delegate, deal with setbacks, find fulfillment, and stay focused on what matters. These are the secrets you need to get ahead and make a difference.

Advanced people and persuasion skill training to help you become more influential with your family, friends, coworkers, and everyone you hope to lead and serve. You’ll learn how to revitalize relationships, persuade others to support you, manage conflict, start movements, and lead with integrity and power. You’ll become a role model ready to change the world.

Best of all, even though our calls will be live, all of the calls will be recorded, which means that you will have access to them for the life of your membership and can listen to them again and again. Whether you missed a live call or want to listen again, you can listen on your own schedule from any device anywhere in the world.

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