Get clear on your truth and empower yourself through releasing what doesn’t serve your highest self.

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Do you feel unfilled, burned out, and completely off track from reaching your goals?


Do you feel a consistent nagging of discomfort and dissatisfaction knowing that you’ve veered off course from your dreams?


Do you feel trapped by circumstance, unaware of how to make changes?


Do you feel selfish wanting to do something for yourself?


Do you lack happiness?

I know how you are feeling, because I have been there


You’re afraid.


Afraid of failing, of things not working out the way you envision.


Afraid of leaving your comfort zone, because, well… you feel safe there.


Afraid of feeling uncomfortable if you try to form new habits and changes.


Afraid of investing money into a program that could potentially not work.


Afraid of making the wrong decision and failing… again.


On top of this, your fear is AMPLIFIED by regrets that happen to be direct results of those fears.


I bet you can relate to one (or ALL) of these statements.

I regret wasting time being discontent and longing for more from life.


I regret continuing to live the same week over and over and over and ov… you get the point.

I regret staying in a job that doesn’t bring fulfillment.

I regret allowing myself to be overworked.

I regret allowing everyone to demand my time and attention and never having time to care for, well… MYSELF!

I regret not just going for it!

Ultimately, you regret staying in your situation for so long and wish you would have made a change already.

Your life does NOT have to be this way!

You do NOT need to be filled with regret!

You do NOT need to feel afraid!

Trust me, there IS a solution.


It is completely possible to shake things up and begin living a life centered on the fulfillment, happiness and excitement that comes from achieving your goals.


No matter how far into your journey you are, whether you are halfway there or have yet to begin, there IS work that can be done to help you reach your goals.


You CAN bring clarity and direction into your life!

I have the answer that you have been longing for

10 years ago, I was you.


I was feeling unfulfilled and experiencing ALL of the same things that you are going through.


After taking a trip to Costa Rica and re-evaluating my life, I decided to MAKE A CHANGE.


I was DONE wasting my time feeling unhappy and unfulfilled because I wasn't living a life of my own design or pursuing my dreams!


I left the security of my 9-5, started my own business, and never looked back.


Now, I own my life and I do the work I need to every day to achieve my goals.


I make positive decisions every day that lead me to live my best life, as I embody my work 24x7.


 I am Julie.

I am a living, breathing example that BIG change is possible.

I want YOU to feel the same way.


I am here to help you look forward to Mondays, love what you, and ultimately find FULFILLMENT in your life.


Through years of training programs, attending conferences, and obsessively learning, and then applying what I’ve learned to my countless personal life experiences, I am full of knowledge that I want to share with you to help you reach your goals, too.


I make this life-changing journey an easy path for you to take.


I am present with you every step of the way, and supply you with the courage to help you take those leaps of faith.


You'll have all the compassionate support you need to bring your dreams to reality.

You deserve a program that helps you achieve your wildest dreams


I can give you that!


It is time to say goodbye to the excuses and begin your journey to your success.


Timing may feel off, but hear me out. There will NEVER be a “right” time.


You have to DECIDE that the time is NOW.

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Work with me to achieve your goals

I will work with you and offer a step-by-step approach that will allow you to set and achieve your wildest dreams.


My program is a simple, clear path that gets my clients moving on creating the life that they want.


You won't waste your time on a program stuffed with fluff. Expect big life changes & dream results.


Every facet of my program is created to give you the life that YOU desire.


I WANT to help you reach joy and fulfillment! I want to give you that push that you have been looking for that will help you get clear on your vision and establish a plan to reach your goals.

This program is for you if…


  • You are ready to make the choices to honor yourself and reach your dreams

  • You want to take a closer look at how you are spending your time and rid yourself of anything that does not serve your higher purpose

  • You are ready to stop letting other people’s opinions control your life

  • You are willing to try something new

  • You want to find joy in your daily life and reach ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction

  • You are willing to put in the work in order to see results

Are you ready? Are you willing?

Do you WANT a total transformation?



Before you can achieve big things, you must say GOODBYE to your excuses.


Trust me, you are not the only person experiencing doubt. Let me talk you through some of the typical go-to excuses and you'll see why you should shoo them away.


You have the time. Make yourself a priority! I can assure you that you WILL find the time to complete this program.


You cannot help others if you do not help yourself. Investing in yourself with a program like this will help you improve in ALL areas of your life. When you learn to give yourself the time and attention you deserve, you will be a better parent, friend, and human.


The money will come. If you are serious about this course, you will find a way to invest in it.


There will never be a perfect time. In order to see a change, you must make the conscious decision to take the first step.


Imagine your excuses floating down a river. They float toward you and then continue right past you, making their way down the river. Let them float right on by. Picture them floating over the edge, drifting down a waterfall where they will go to never return. Your excuses have vanished. You have nothing holding you back. It is time to begin your journey.

I’m so passionate about this work because it WORKS.


There is nothing more fulfilling for me personally than seeing my clients achieve success through our work together.


Those breakthroughs and ah-ha moments remind me of why I do what I do.


I have worked with clients to help them improve their lives in all areas. Over the course of my career, I have seen people achieve some pretty incredible things.

Take a look at some of the phenomenal breakthrough stories that I have helped my clients achieve.

These are pretty inspiring, huh?

Time and time and time again, I have worked with clients to overcome major life hurdles and experience true mental shifts and ultimate happiness. I help clients release their dependency on outside sources for happiness like physical goods, break habits, mentally overcome experiences and find empowerment.


When you release everything that does not serve you, only then can you uncover what you truly believe in. When you uncover what you believe in, you can live a life that serves your highest self!

I want YOU to be my next success story.

I have worked a client dealing with depression and taking countless medications, only to see her achieve positive emotional shifts and find complete joy as a result of working with me. This particular client has shifted her relationship with “stuff,” giving up her habit of purchasing material items in the search for fulfillment and a short-term high. I have worked with her to shift her mindset and find joy. Now, she believes in herself! She has hope and joy again.

One woman that I worked with experienced something in high school that has shaped her entire life. Now in her 60s, her self-worth and confidence have always suffered as a result of that event. I worked with her to help her recognize the connection between that event and her outlook on life. We identified effective ways for her to process that trauma, and she now lives a life of empowerment and confidence in herself.

Another client has recently divorced. She experienced a complete transformation as a result of working with me and decided to revamp her life. She sold her house, ended her dependency on belongings and material possessions, and began to cultivate a life of happiness. She picked up positive and soulful hobbies, habits, and relationships, and now lives a life honoring  her SELF!

You are 8 modules away from a new life

My course Roadmap To Success is broken down into 8 modules. There is a welcome video, followed by 8 lesson videos and a workbook. Each week, you will receive a new video. You have the freedom to navigate through the course at your own pace!


The course breakdown is as follows:

Module 1

Where Are You Now?

Module 2

Do You Know Why You’re Here?

Module 3

Discover What You Really Want

Module 4

Mapping Your Course

Module 5

Releasing the Brakes

Module 6

Stepping On the Gas – Start to Make It Happen

Module 7

Turbo Charge Your Progress

Module 8

Keeping Your Progress Going

Each module will put you one step closer

to TAKING CONTROL of your life!

Utilizing a step-by-step approach, you will follow along to the videos in your printable 29-page workbook. This workbook serves as a tool to help you stay on track with the program and ultimately reach your goals.

You have the option to take your experience to the next level

When you upgrade to the VIP program, you will receive everything mentioned above, in addition to private weekly coaching calls.


If you want to...


  • Talk things out for extra support

  • Receive feedback on progress

  • Dive even deeper

  • Experience extra guidance

  • Find your clarity


...then this upgrade is for you.

If you know right now that this upgrade is what you need, sign up for an unheard of birthday celebration price of only $1324.

You can also wait and choose to upgrade to the VIP level any time between modules 1-5 for a price of $1899.

What are you willing to invest in YOURSELF?

Reaching for our goals should be a priority. Each day, we should feel free to wake up wondering what we can do today to be our best selves and pursue our dreams.


Life is a constant cycle of learning and developing. It is all about growth and becoming the best version of one's self. When you focus on positive growth, you will open up the doors to allow big, incredible, fulfilling changes occur. You will find your success.

My program requires an investment of $499.


However, as part of the birthday celebration special offer, the investment is only $264.


With this investment you will be given the tools to create the BEST version of your life.


I will provide you with the roadmap to making these “big changes” happen.


You truly have the power to feel amazing, and I will work with you to help you find that empowerment!


Through a series of short, structured, impactful lessons, I’ll show you how you can begin to make the magic happen.


You can FINALLY reach those dreams and shape a life of your own design.


I challenge you to let your excuses GO! Step into your power and unleash that fire in your soul that has been burning, trying to free itself for so long!


In this special birthday celebration offer, you can choose to experience the VIP program to work with me directly for an unheard of price of only $1324!


If you wait and decide to upgrade to the VIP level between modules 1-5, the price will be $1899.


Once the birthday celebration special ends, you can choose the VIP program for a final price of $2499.


No matter which version you choose, you will be met with an overwhelming sense of relief.


Finally, your roadmap to fulfillment is has arrived!

Are you ready to work with me to begin

living the life you have always wanted?

The journey to a new you is NOT scary

YOU have the power to change your life! Let me show you how.


Effort IS required, but it will be well worth it.


And, trust me. The work is manageable.

Plus, you already have all of the answers! I help you look within to FIND them.


I help you get honest with yourself so that you can get into alignment with your highest vision.


I want you to experience happiness and achieve fulfillment in your everyday life! I want you to achieve your goals and live the life you have always dreamed of.


I want you to kick the negative self-talk and begin forming a healthy sense of self-worth.


I want you to set aside your limiting beliefs, and begin to BELIEVE in yourself.


You may feel stuck, but trust me. Put that aside. Put aside your fear of making the wrong decision, and do some work to get out of your routine.  


I KNOW that happiness is possible for you! Let’s work together to help you find your sense of empowerment.


I want you to be EXCITED for life! I want you to wake up every day with a fire in your soul. I want you to be HAPPY!

Take the leap to a positive energy by

working with Julie as your coach.”


-Sue M., Minnesota

The early bird gets a jump start at true TRANSFORMATION


I am currently offering a special birthday celebration discount for only $264.


When will YOU decide that NOW is the time?!


Give yourself the LIFE YOU DESERVE.


To receive this discount, you must hurry. There will be a deadline, and late sign ups will NOT be accepted.


I want to work with those that will take this seriously.


You must be READY to take the leap.

I walked away with awareness of some unhealthy negative mindsets that were making me stuck in a lot of areas. I had epiphanies that I really couldn’t have gotten to on my own.”


-Matrice J, Minneapolis, MN

Everyone has time for this program

You do not have to have a ton of spare time in order to successfully complete this program. It can be easily incorporated into your daily life.


Wake up a half hour earlier, or do the work during your lunch break.


If you are serious about finding success, you will FIND the time.


This program is easy to follow, and completing it will bring great joy to your life.


Keep track of your work via the workbook, and use it for reference as needed.


When you work with me, you have LIFELONG access to the course material. Brush up on concepts at ANY time!

With the Roadmap to Your Success program,

You will do deep, honest work and find great happiness

You will have the foundation to move in the right direction

You will get clear on your goals and the steps needed to achieve your dreams

You will learn how to keep your momentum strong

You will achieve a sense of clarity and relief

You will have a deeper appreciation for people in your life

You will be able to let the small stuff go

You will feel empowered

You will fall in love with life!

Are you ready?

Allow me to give you a refresher


Experience my proven course and begin your journey to happiness. If you join the NOW, your price for the course is $264. Wait, and it is $499.


If you feel in your gut that VIP is the way to go because you understand the value of working with me directly through 1:1 coaching calls, the VIP birthday price is $1324. Wait, and it is $2499.


But, you have time to decide whether or not the VIP level is right for you. Sign up for the regular course now, and you can upgrade any time between modules 1-5 for only $1899.


With the VIP level, you receive EIGHT private, 1:1 coaching calls with me.


I want to see you succeed. I want you to feel AMAZING and reach a level of happiness that you have NEVER experienced before! For that reason, I am giving you 2 BONUS calls when you upgrade to the VIP level.


Use these 10 calls to ask me questions, get guidance, receive support, dive in deeper, find your clarity, and more.


Are you ready to find your clarity?


Do you dream of living a life filled with JOY?


Do you want to look forward to Mondays?


Do you want to see your wildest dreams become reality?


Do you want to find fulfillment in your career?


Do you want to enjoy vacations and leisure activities whenever you see fit?


Do you want to be find true happiness?


Come with me on the journey to

alignment with your highest self.


Give your life a transformative overhaul!


Take control of your life.


Stop playing victim to your circumstances.


Get out of the continuous thought-loop where you can see but never achieve your dreams.


Kick your boredom and frustration out the door.


The time is NOW.

As part of the birthday celebration special pricing offer you have the option to take your experience to the next level by signing up for the VIP program for only $1324.



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