Make 2019 the Year of Your Dreams!

Reconnect with Your Grandest Vision of Your Life

Make Your Dreams Come True

You have big dreams. Now is the time to step up to a whole new level of being and turn those dreams into reality.


Take a moment to consider these questions:

Are you happy?

Are you where you want to be in your life?

Have you reached all of the goals you planned to by now?

Do you have fulfilling career or business?

Are you enjoying the lifestyle and leisure time the way you’ve dreamed of?

Do you have the deep, loving, supportive relationships you’ve been seeking?

If you are not fully where you would like to be in any area of your life, then I challenge you to step into your true power and start making it happen TODAY!

An Incredible Journey Where I Guide You to Achieving the Life That You’ve Been Craving​



I’ll take you through a step-by-step process to get you crystal clear on what your goals are and how to take complete responsibility for everything in your life. You’ll learn how to unleash the power that’s within you already, which will be the rocket fuel that you need to get you to where you’re going.


You’ll feel a renewed sense of pride and ownership in your dreams as you ditch what hasn’t been serving you and cultivate new habits, beliefs, and relationships to support you on your way to achieving your goals.


Regardless of where you are in life, how big your dreams are, your current career, or what your vision of your ideal future is, you’ll finally break the bonds with what’s been holding you back and will feel energized and empowered to make it happen now!


During Your 8 Module Journey, You'll Dig Into All Areas of Your Personal & Professional Life

You have big dreams. Now is the time to step up to a whole new level of being and turn those dreams into reality.


Some of the things that you will work on are:

Taking control over your life & outcomes

Releasing limiting & outdated beliefs

Clearing up any tolerations & incompletes

Defining new empowering boundaries

Getting clear on the vision you have for you life

Establishing a manageable plan for reaching your goals

If you are not fully where you would like to be in any area of your life, then I challenge you to step into your true power and start making it happen TODAY!

Get Started on Your Journey to Your Dreams

"I walked away with awareness of some unhealthy negative mindsets that were making me stuck in a lot of areas. I had epiphanies that I really couldn't have gotten to on my own."


Martrice J., Minneapolis, Minnesota

A Glimpse Into What You Can Expect Each Module


Every video module will build the clarity and momentum you need to catapult yourself to success. Each video is packed full of deep-dive exercises that we will journey thru together during our weekly calls. You can also expect to continue your work between video modules with assignments designed to put what you've learned into practice so it quickly becomes part of the "new you."

Some of what you can expect each video is:

Module 5

Releasing the Brakes


Module 6

Taking Action




Module 7

Using Feedback to Your Advantage & Practicing Uncommon Appreciation




Module 8

Practicing Persistence

Module 1

Taking 100% Responsibility for Your Life & Your Results



Module 2

Getting Clear on Why You’re Here




Module 3

Deciding What You Want


Module 4

Unleashing the Power of Goal Setting


The best project you'll ever work on is yourself!





You'll receive a new video module every 2-3 days. Each video will help you dig into and explore what dreams, wishes and hopes you have for your life and how to make them a reality. You'll learn how to navigate through the “shoulds and coulds” and discover what you truly want, and then we’ll make a plan to get you there!



You will receive a workbook you can download and print to record your journey throughout these transformative 8 videos modules. This is a priceless tool that you can use to stay on-track with your goals once you've completed the program and continue tracking your progress moving forward.


The feeling of wanting to skip instead of walking and the uncontrollable urge to smile at strangers.

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ONLY $59

With this level of guidance, there's no stopping you!

Hi there! I'm Julie, and I'm a living example of how someone can completely transform their life on every level and create a life of their own design.


I remember how I felt when I thought there was no other choice than to continue with my corporate career. I remember believing Saturdays were for chores and that excitement came from buying random crap from the clearance end-caps at Target. I remember the monotonous days and weeks, devoid of true fulfillment.

I took a wildly inspirational trip to Costa Rica that made me look at my life. It gave me the courage to really tune into what made me happy and make changes to bring those things into my life. I took a leap and quit my corporate position and started my own company. I started paying attention to what I surrounded myself with and how it made me feel. I purged the negative energy - stuff, people, activities, beliefs - and started filling up my time and space with things that made me happy and excited.


I uncovered & reconnect with my true self! I found my true passions. And they’re part of my everyday life! Now I'm truly living a life of my own design doing work that makes me happy - helping people transform their lives and finding their bliss.

I'm a constant passionate learner and self-development enthusiast. I've studied Brendon Burchard, Gabby Bernstein, Joe Dispenza, Nick Ortner, tapping, The Secret, The Blue Zones, Byron Katie, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer & all of the greats. Most recently I even became a Certified Jack Canfield Succes Principles Trainer!


I am so inspired by my studies, as well as the changes in my quality of life, that I find pure joy helping others find their best life too. You deserve to love your life and I can help you get there faster. I’m excited to share everything that I’ve learned over the past more than 10 years.

"Take the leap to a positive energy by working with Julie as your coach."


Sue M., Minnesota




Ready to stop fantasizing about the future & start doing something to get there


Let go of the way things were in the past for a better way moving forward

Let go of the stuff that's been keeping you stuck


Take 100% responsibility for your life & decisions

Do the work to get at the root of what's been keeping you stuck

"The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams."


Oprah Winfrey 




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