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Expand the Self-Love in Your Life

4-Week Group Coaching Program

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  • 4 weekly 60-minute group coaching calls

  • Support and accountability in a small group setting


  • Ideas on how to infuse more self-love into your day

  • Support with any challenges or issues that come up

  • Inspiration and learning from your peers

  • Encouragement throughout to support your transformation

When you hear the term “self-love,” do you imagine sitting at the spa sipping cucumber-infused water while waiting to be summoned for your massage? Or maybe someone came to mind who you think us a bit full of themselves. Well, I’m not talking about someone who’s full of themselves and, although self-care is a piece of self-love, I’m actually talking about something much, much deeper.

I’m talking about all of the ways that we show ourselves love and respect. From the big things, like finally ending an unhealthy relationship, to the little things, like picking up after ourselves. We have countless opportunities every single day to show ourselves love.

We tend to effortlessly show others plenty of love and respect when, as an example, we help them reach the goals they’ve set for themselves. We are inclined to say yes when asked give our kids a ride, volunteer at the event or take on yet another project.


But, when it comes to showing ourselves the same love and respect, we too often pass on opportunities to do so.

Think about the goals so many of us have to:

  • Lose weight

  • Get in physical shape

  • Keep the kitchen counters clear of clutter

  • Organize the house

  • Clean the basement

  • Build a savings account

  • Take a dream trip to ________


What’s stopping you from taking the steps you need to reach your goal?


Consider this for a moment. How often do you:

  • Order delivery because you had “one of those days”?

  • Skip your workout?

  • Watch “just one more episode” on Netflix?

  • Have one more glass of wine?

  • Drop the shopping bags when you get home without putting away their contents?

  • Buy something before realizing that you already have three?

  • Realize you’ve spent the past hour scrolling on social media?

  • Have plans to do something towards a goal but end up saying ‘yes’ to someone else instead?


Any one of those actions may not seem like that big of a deal, and they may even appear to be other forms of expressing self-love. But over time, these seemingly small things really add up and can trickle away the time you have to reach the goals you’ve set; goals you identified as being part of your life vision for happiness.

What’s more important to you? Shopping for a new outfit or finally taking that dream trip? Ordering dessert at the restaurant or feeling good about your body and how your clothes fit? Living with clutter or living without it by taking a few minutes to put stuff away?

During this very special 4-week program, you will learn to identify ways to incorporate more self-love into your life as we explore your current beliefs, patterns and behaviors. You will begin to see how one action can end up hurting multiple areas. We’ll work together to find ways to turn those self-sabotaging opportunities into self-loving opportunities…and without the guilt!

Start showing yourself some self-love by registering TODAY and make this summer a summer of self-love!!