A Coaching Movement

20 Coaching Conversations in 30 Days

February 19 - March 18, 2024




 Root into your holistic realignment to ignite your greatest impact this year.

Over the course of 30 days, I’ll be gifting over 20 hours of coaching to support you in overcoming burnout and identifying actionable clarity to ignite a positive ripple effect out in the world. It’s time to end the cycles of exhaustion, and put your energy toward what feels MOST aligned for you at this time of your life. When we do that, we can then support others, powered by true integrity, well-being, compassion and influence.


Are you caught in a cycle of burnout and exhaustion, feeling like you need to do it all and be there for everyone around you (your colleagues, family, friends, clients)?

Are you lighting the flame on both sides (even though you warn others against that type of behavior)?

Do you ever feel guilty about tending to your own needs (relaxing, taking time to go offline, or tapping into your own creativity just for the fun of it)?

Has your sense of purpose and passions taken a back seat these last few months (or even years)? Are you ready to dream again, to allow your life’s vision to emerge and take root this year?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the gravity of what’s happening all around the world? Are you emotionally exhausted as you bear witness to the painful reality that so many are living in?

Are you anxious about what’s waiting around the corner, hypervigiliently bracing for the impact of uncertainty? Do you desire more grace and equanimity to navigate the unknowns in life?

Do you know in your gut that there’s more (more meaning, vitality, purpose and aliveness) to access, but you just need support identifying WHAT needs to change and HOW to move forward with alignment and momentum?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then I invite you to apply for a Ripple Effect Project coaching session.

Long-lasting collective impact requires balance, and it requires clarity.

When we have a clear focus, when our purpose is activated, and when we have the right strategies in place across all areas of our lives, I believe we have the potential to create significant positive impact in the world. I believe that the way you show up for your own vision, well-being, balance and energy, will directly positively impact the people around you and BEYOND.

That’s what I want to help you experience first-hand as part of the Ripple Effect Project.


Gain clarity about the causes of your burnout.

Reclaim your passions, wellbeing needs and portals of curiosity.

Commit to your personal vitality and balance. 

Allow your own alignment to create collective positive change.


This project is designed to address a destructive myth: 

Self-care is selfish.

When we believe that our
own balance needs to take a back seat…

When we believe that the needs of others supersede the fundamental needs within…

When we let guilt, shame, and obligation guide our behavior, driving us into over-giving, workaholism and people-pleasing…

When we put our passions off to the side for a rainy day…

We are actually getting in the way of what we care about MOST.

We just want to help the people in our lives. We care about our family, friends, colleagues, and clients. We want to be of high service.

But when we attempt to support others, serve the mission, and occupy 5+ roles, without filling our own cup…


That’s when we burnout. 

We cannot have our greatest impact on others if we are serving from a depleted vessel.

In the Ripple Effect Coaching Session, you’ll walk away with…

Clarity on the causes and sources of burnout

depletion, and disengagement you’re experiencing. You'll walk away understanding what stressors are most active in your life, as well as which personal behaviors are contributing to your burnout.

Identify one or two strategic actions you can start taking immediately

to replenish your energy, gain consistent clarity, create space for your passions, tap into focus, flow and ultimately create your desired impact in the world (and learn about what that ongoing path can look like for you beyond this session).

Receive custom support:

Whether you are in need of support with setting and maintaining aligned boundaries, communicating with influence and compassion, or restructuring your schedule to make space for your well-being and needs, we’ll dive into a custom blueprint to support you where you are today so that you can THRIVE again.

Explore continued support:

During our time together, if you feel called to receive continued coaching support as you embark on your journey of true alignment and cultivating YOUR unique ripple effect, I’m more than happy to share about these options with you at the end of this coaching session.

This coaching session is not designed to...

Solve every challenge or problem

that is present in your life today. Rather, we’ll zoom out and look at the lay of the land, and identify some tools and perspectives that can help you going forward. I’ll help you illuminate the causes of your burnout, and high level, custom and targeted actions you can take right away in support of your goals.

Give you answers.

My coaching approach is inquisitive, collaborative and client-centered. I believe that success is YOURS to define. I believe that you hold the answers within you. Your truth resides within. As a coach, I support you in developing clarity and illuminating your own authentic calling and notion of success. I’ll ask you powerful questions to help you uncover your own inner clarity, and we’ll collaborate in identifying aligned action steps for you to take beyond this session in service of your unique ripple effect and in service of the goals you present in our time together.

How to Join the Movement

  1. Apply for a session right here. The duration of the session is 60 minutes. You will receive a session follow up email within 48 hours of your session.
  2. Please complete all questions enclosed in the scheduling link. Your application is complete only if you’ve completed all survey questions authentically. 
  3. If I accept your application, I will send you an email follow-up to confirm via a email address. Please note that my coaching style is not for everyone. If I do not think I will be able to best support you based on your goals and challenges within your application, I will kindly decline the session and notify you via email.
Julie Loomis Coaching

About Your Coach

Hi, I’m Julie Loomis, and I want to help you tap into your own unique ripple effect this year.

I am a Mindset + Life Transformation Coach, Certified High Performance Coach™, Retreat Leader and Professional Organizer. For the past 16 years, I’ve been supporting people in uncovering their truths – desires, values, dreams, goals, priorities, direction – and in recognizing and releasing what does not serve their highest purpose.

Before beginning my entrepreneurial journey, I had a long career in the corporate world where I worked with a top-ranking sales force at a global company. I helped them identify key information needed to support their customers, and targeted ways to support their sales goals. I garnered years of experience supporting professionals at varied knowledge levels in achieving their professional goals and gaining targeted clarity to achieve powerful results.

I’m an independent, creative soul, and the time eventually came for me to launch into my entrepreneurial adventures. I dove in as a professional organization consultant, mindset coach and retreat leader (and haven’t looked back since!)

Sixteen years later, my entire life is completely transformed.

I leaped from the corporate world into my own deep learning and self-development journey. I’ve spent years studying and learning from experts like Brendon Burchard, Jack Canfield, Gabby Bernstein, Wayne Dyer, and Brene Brown.

I’ve done the work (and continue to do so). I’ve taken action and gone against the grain, even when I was faced with the doubts and fears of others.

On my own path of transformation, as with countless clients, I’ve refined a system for ending the cycle of burnout and tapping into restorative, aligned service (without guilt or self-abandonment driving the ship).

I’ve learned how to apply personal development and high performance strategies in targeted ways that allow myself and others to be of highest service, to make a powerful impact on others, all while staying in alignment, retaining inner balance and embracing our passions with unapologetic momentum.

I’m excited to show you the way.

Join me in the Ripple Effect Movement.

Our world needs you now more than EVER.


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"Life has always been a struggle for me; I never had any plan for the future. I was adrift and had no one else to help me. Julie's coaching shifted my mental habits from lifelong negativity into a positive direction. Her professional method also prevented me from backsliding. I honestly don't know what would have happened if I had not worked with Julie. Thank you, Julie!"

David Belote

"My coaching sessions with Julie have gone beyond my expectations!  As a person transitioning to a new stage of life, Julie has challenged me to rethink many aspects of my life.  I have learned so much about myself, things that I didn’t even realize I needed to know. Julie’s challenging but fun and non-threatening style has given me the tools I need to thrive in all circumstances. Thank you, Julie!!"

Linda Goodno