Create a life of your own design. Live each day with a deeper sense of confidence, connection and joy.


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How to Courageously Bring Your Passions & Purpose to Life (Guilt-Free)

Designed for those who are tired of simply surviving the day and are ready to clear the path to reconnect with their joy and live fully NOW. This online course is packed with actionable strategies and tools to help you root into deep clarity, take back control of your time and create the path forward.

Julie Loomis

Meet Julie

I know what it’s like to feel stuck living a life that isn’t at all what I had set out to live and having no clue how to get back on track. I’ve been there – big time! Complete with a mortgage, a son to take care of, a job that emotionally drained me, and a fear-based mindset that left me with no clue how I could change my situation. No. Clue.

Luckily, I reached the point where I knew that there was absolutely no way that I could continue down the same path that I was on and began making some serious changes.

Now, I live a life of my own design and each day I’m filled with a sense of gratitude and purpose. I live in alignment with my true Self and I wake up happy and excited about the day ahead - even on Mondays!

How about you? Does this sound familiar? Are you ready to redesign your life so you can find that same sense of excitement, gratitude and happiness that you've been craving?​

I'm telling you, no matter how impossible it may feel...

It IS possible!

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Together we will clear the path to your success and move you from surviving to THRIVING in a life of your own design!

The right level of coaching support

Self-Study Program

Get on the road to finding joy & fulfillment every day with this powerful program! Get clear on your truth & feel empowered to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.


Group Coaching

Become part of the Living Fully Collective! Join me for our group coaching calls where I take the group through discussion and exercises. It's a wonderful experience!


Private Coaching

Enjoy private sessions and expedited progress as we journey through the tried and true process designed to help you discover a new level of success in all areas of life.


What My Clients Are Saying

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Jessica Bell

Every time I get off the phone with her I feel better. I have a more positive outlook on things, and new tools to help me get to where I want to be. I always feel like I have a better sense of self after coaching with Julie. She has helped me work through a lot of things, and helped me shed what I didn't need to keep hanging on to.

Douglas Zamora

Before I met Julie, my life was all over the place. I was busy from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed, and yet I accomplished nothing. She helped me regain my energy, see things with more clarity, and, most importantly, helped me get back on the path to success and following my purpose. Julie, you're the BEST!

Linda Goodno

My coaching sessions with Julie have gone beyond my expectations! As a person transitioning to a new stage of life, Julie has challenged me to rethink many aspects of my life. I have learned so much about myself, things that I didn’t even realize I needed to know. Julie’s challenging but fun and non-threatening style has given me the tools I need to thrive in all circumstances. Thank you, Julie!!

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