Coaching at the intersection of clarity and action.

I work with women who want to live fully, who want to step into greater ease, self trust, energy and clarity fueled by the knowing that she's living true to herself.

Demi Radeva

Julie is not only an awesome human, but also a great coach. Coming from a background in sports, that is what I needed in order to learn, understand, and grow. I need someone to help put into words that which I cannot, someone to call me out on the “stories” I tell myself and the false beliefs I’ve built over time, and someone who can recommend practical ways through which I can learn and make positive change happen. In every session, she has helped me do just that! For anyone who is going through a tough time, feels stuck and doesn’t know where to begin – I recommend Julie. She will not only help you “see” what it is you need to work on, but also help you resolve and grow from it.

Julie Loomis

I’m glad you’re here. 

Mindset + Life Transformation Coach, Certified High Performance Coach, Professional Organizer, Retreat Leader

For more than 15 years, I’ve been supporting people in uncovering their truths – desires, values, dreams, goals, priorities, direction – and in recognizing and releasing what does not serve their highest purpose.

Before beginning my entrepreneurial journey, I had a long career in the corporate world where I worked with a top-ranking sales force at a global company. I helped them identify key information needed to support their customers, and targeted ways to support their sales goals. I garnered years of experience supporting professionals at varied knowledge levels in achieving their professional goals and gaining targeted clarity to achieve powerful results. 

I’m an independent, creative soul, and the time eventually came for me to launch into my entrepreneurial adventures. I dove in as a professional organization consultant, mindset coach and retreat leader (and haven’t looked back since!)

Fifteen years later, my entire life is completely transformed.

I leaped from the corporate world into my own deep learning and self-development journey. I’ve spent years studying and learning from experts like Brendon Burchard, Gabby Bernstein, Wayne Dyer, and Brene Brown. I’ve done the work (and continue to do so). I’ve taken action and gone against the grain, even when I was faced with the doubts and fears of others.

Julie Loomis

My trainings and certifications allow me to serve my clients where they are and calibrate to their learning and growth level. Whether they’re looking to take big, radical actions that require intense, powerful strategies, or they thrive in softer, more contemplative environments of transformation, I have the tools and frameworks to support them in stepping toward and beyond their growth edge.

I am a Certified High Performance Coach™ and certified Jack Canfield Success Principles trainer. I have graduated from the National Speakers Association speakers program, as well as the Coach U coaching program, and have completed the EFT/Tapping levels 1 & 2 training.

My promise to you is that I will be real and honest, even with the truths that may be hard to hear, but I will always come from a place of the utmost love and respect. I will hold compassionate, nonjudgmental space for you to go deep, name your truth and take courageous action toward your aligned vision for yourself and your life. I will celebrate and support you every step of the way, with respect for your willingness to participate in your life so bravely. Supporting you on your journey of growth and clarity would be a high honor.


Certified High Performance Coach
Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer
Coach U
Certified Jack Canfield Success Principles Trainer

We should work together if you're... 

  • Feelings a sense of urgency and an internal call for change, desiring to live life to the fullest, aligned with your values, vision and desired impact at this time of your life.
  • Want to live a life that aligns with your values, vision and desired impact at this time of your life.
  • Know that there’s greater levels of happiness and purpose, but need help developing clarity and identifying the path there.
  • Want to make a shift in your career but need support figuring out what and how.
  • Feel obligated to serve everyone else’s mission and agenda (at the expense of your own).
  • Tired of feeling confused about what habits to focus on, or what to let go of. 
  • No longer want to let limiting beliefs or your inner critic dictate your life. 
  • You have a successful career, but your personal life feels under-developed.
  • Feel guilty for taking self-care time over supporting your family, friends, clients or colleagues.
  • Your passions and needs are sitting on the back burner while you prioritize the roles you play in your life (parent, business owner, manager, employee, sibling, child, etc). 
  • Feel stuck in past stories and past pain, and want to free yourself from those scripts so that you can write a new story. 
  • Your fear of failure, getting left behind, or changing things up is holding you back from living your most aligned life. 
  • You want MORE in life: more gratitude, connection, energy, inner strength, satisfaction, self-clarity, joy and ease (and you know it’s possible, but that you just need the right resources and support to tap into it!)

Pillars of the

Living Fully Approach

 These 4 pillars culminate in my coaching approach and inform the foundational priorities that I bring into the work I do with my private, group and retreat clients.

Shift Perspective

For so many of us, getting hung up on the past or trapped by limiting beliefs becomes a way of life, cemented in our sense of self. But there’s another way. I believe that rewiring your perspective is a fundamental pillar of personal development, one that helps you open yourself to new ways of thinking AND ultimately new ways of living. When we develop our mindset and hone in on tools like a gratitude practice, in particular, everything begins to shift. 
Remember: the energy that you put in is the energy that you’ll get back, and so we must begin with optimizing our mindset, shedding old belief systems and adopting new ways of perceiving ourselves and the world that foster greater self-worth, confidence, joy, gratitude, hope and vision.

Develop Clarity

If you don’t have clarity on what it is that you want, or what your unique purpose is, how can you know what actions to take or which direction to go in? This element is absolutely necessary in order to take the right steps forward and move in a direction that authentically meets your vision, goals and dreams head-on. I help my clients unearth their own clarity, their inner truth. Sometimes, the clarity that comes forward in the work we do together has been dormant or unseen for their entire lives. Seeing your truth is a powerful step in figuring out what habits to develop, what behaviors or priorities to let go of, and what key actions you need to take to live your dream life.

Curiosity Over Knowing

If you already know the answers, or believe there’s one way of doing things, then you have no necessity to explore further. The road ends there. And, that’s also where your comfort zone lives. However, that’s where curiosity is urgently needed. When we can let go of expectations and open up to possibilities beyond what we already know, we have the opportunity to embrace the fruit of the journey. Curiosity is a powerful portal into BEING in your life, moment by moment (without getting caught in a fixed view). This opening allows us to receive new information, new perspectives, new tools (and ultimately new experiences). It’s this receiving of all that is new and different, that allows us to move out of our comfort zone and beyond our growth edge.

Take Aligned Action

This final pillar delivers the results you’re looking for. The ease, increased joy, nourished gratitude, sense of meaningful connection, being in the actions that bring out your best: accessing this reality requires intentional, strategic action. I support clients in honing in on the needle-moving actions that will support them in achieving their goals and meeting their needs. Not only that, but I hold them accountable and support them in taking these actions consistently (without stalling out or freezing up). Whether you’re going into an important conversation and communicating your truth, or you’re integrating a well-being practice into your daily life, or learning a new skill, taking aligned action requires courage, clarity and willingness. I provide my clients a safe environment to develop clarity and courageously take these actions out in the world.

I believe it’s important to exit the comfort zone.

Why? If you’re only living within your comfort zone, especially out of fear of what others may think of you or what they may say to you, are you really living your truth? Your next level in your relationships, health, career, energy, and impact does not live in your comfort zone. It’s beyond

I help my clients gain clarity and identify their core truth, which then ignites the foundational drive motivating them to take courageous actions to realize that vision. I also support my clients in getting through the discomfort that arises as they approach their growth edge, so that they can see their vision through (without stalling, back-tracking, or quitting on themselves).

We are supported by this earth. We get to reciprocally support the earth that nurtures us.

I believe the earth supports us as we live into our authentic truth and do our life’s work. Without a healthy planet, we won’t survive. We can develop ourselves all day long, but if we’re not considering our place in this larger story, this greater landscape, our development is limited and incomplete.

The earth sustains us, and calls for a reciprocally attentive, compassionate and supportive relationship with her. That’s why I am committed to planting trees and increasing the earth’s vitality as part of my coaching containers. When my clients commit to their ongoing growth, I plant trees on their behalf, as part of our participation in reforestation programs in Monteverde, Costa Rica and California. My hope is that we can all directly be a part of the solution to our environmental crisis, and remember that the work we do on ourselves is only possible so long as we have this earthly container to support us.

Enjoy the journey, and let go of expectations.

I believe that, guided by a perspective of gratitude and curiosity, we can truly tap into a reverence for the small moments in life. There is no ‘arriving’ at a place in life, or some finite achievement. We have this huge opportunity to be present for the moments that make up life’s journey, and in fact, it’s the journey that actually holds the key to our highest contentment and authenticity.

I support your whole being.

My coaching approach is holistic, touching on every area of life including your mindset, emotions, spiritual health, physical health, creativity, passions, relationships and career. I provide a safe, encouraging and compassionate coaching container for you to explore these areas of life courageously.

Success is yours to define.

I believe that you hold the answers within you. Your truth resides within. As a coach, I support you in developing clarity and illuminating your own authentic calling and notion of success. It’s from this place of clarity and acknowledging your own truth that you can then take action to bring it to life.

Are you ready to uncover your clarity and live the life of your dreams?

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