Time to Thrive: 4 Steps to Shed the Shoulds and Live a Life that Feels Ever More Like You

Together we’ll explore a 4-step process to help you find clarity about what does and doesn’t serve you in your life, connect with the parts of you that feel most like you, and claim a path to start ditching the shoulds and living the life you long to. All by being the person you’ve longed to be. You’ll uncover new levels of clarity around the beliefs, activities, relationships and habits that no longer serve you, and reconnect with authentic YOU. You’ll feel inspired to ditch the shoulds and things dragging you down as you reclaim your own unique truths, desires, dreams — weirdness & all!

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Reclaiming Your Agenda: 3 Steps to Better Balance & Greater Joy

In this 4-part course, you’ll create a clear vision for what you want your days to look and feel like, plus identify and clarify the impact of the distractions that are blocking your progress. You’ll also learn why setting boundaries is so important, and pinpoint the boundaries you can start setting today so that you can create the space in your life to bring in more of the meaningful activities that excite and fulfill you!

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Linda Goodno

"My coaching sessions with Julie have gone beyond my expectations!  As a person transitioning to a new stage of life, Julie has challenged me to rethink many aspects of my life.  I have learned so much about myself, things that I didn’t even realize I needed to know. Julie’s challenging but fun and non-threatening style has given me the tools I need to thrive in all circumstances. Thank you, Julie!!"