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The Power of Retreats in Supporting
Healing & Preventing Burnout

Join Julie Loomis and Jess Lipman as they discuss burnout prevention and the importance of creating space for self-care time. Julie shares the details of two of her upcoming retreats in Costa Rica.

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0:00 The importance of burnout prevention
10:50 Details on Costa Rican Adventure retreat
16:00 Details on Limitless Living Retreat
21:42 Benefits of a change of scenery
37:25 Julie's relationship with Costa Rica
55:09 What's included in each retreat
57:10 Early bird bonuses

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Shoma Hokanson

"This week offered the unique experience of providing a setting to both relax and engage in introspective work. Julie did a great job organizing all the details of the retreat, taking the stress out of planning, and facilitating group discussions to bring out elements of creating our own authentic life."

Julie Loomis

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From my very first trip to Costa Rica, I was hooked. Now, with 26 Costa Rica stamps in my passport (so far!), it's my home away from home. I can't get enough of the peaceful, healing pura vida energy that the country offers. I'm so excited to share these life-changing retreat experiences in this magical place with YOU. 

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I'd love to hear from you & answer any questions you may have.

Beth Barbosa

"Luna Azul Retreats is a fantastic way to intertwine personal growth and adventure while experiencing a new country and culture."

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