Self-love isn’t a thought or belief. It’s an action.
It's a way of living.

And guess what: many people get this confused, resulting in strained relationships, poor boundaries, under-developed personal passions, and extreme guilt.

Your level of fulfillment in life, access to your authentic passions, depth of relationships and even your self-worth, are ALL directly impacted by your self-love capacities. 

So why do so many of us put ourselves on the back burner, waiting for tomorrow to do the things we love (or NEED) for our wellbeing and vitality?

Self-love is an action, a way of living.
Develop greater self-love and thrive

Can you relate?

✔️ Do you ever find yourself compulsively serving your team, your family, your friends, your clients first, before ever thinking about your own needs? 

✔️  Are you a victim of the misaligned ‘Yes’? Taking on the world, and squeezing out every minute of your day to cater to other people’s desires and needs (without leaving space for your own).

✔️ When was the last time you truly prioritized yourself and met your needs completely (without feeling heavy guilt weighing you down)?

Here's what's in store when you consistently use the self-love checklist...


This tool will usher you into ACTION, and that's what truly defines self-love. As you take the steps to support your needs, enjoy greater levels of clarity, ease, and ability to connect with your loved ones, peers, colleagues and clients from a truly resourced place. It starts with consistent action


Are you tired of feeling guilty for pursuing your own activities or leaving the kids behind? Do you feel obligated to serve your roles in the world - parent, manager, colleague, friend - at the expense of your own needs, curiosities and passions? By using this self-love checklist, you'll start to develop a strong relationship with YOU, cultivating a solid identity as an individual and subsequently learn how to honor your needs in balance with the needs of others. Say goodbye to the days of seeking validation from what you do for others.


By using the self-love checklist consistently, you'll access greater joy, felt alignment and connection with what brings you alive. This will in turn incentivize and strengthen your ability to set and maintain boundaries with the people in your life.





If you're finally ready to unlock a greater relationship with yourself, filled with vitality, aligned purpose and joy, then download the Daily Self-Love Checklist and get started today.

This is my gift to you in support of your most aligned life.


"Julie has helped me to find the positive when it feels like there is none. Her honest, open way of communication helped me to open up, and look at things from a new perspective. She's not judgmental, she's understanding  and genuinely wants you to live your best life, being your best self. Every time I get off the phone with her, I feel better. I have a more positive outlook on things, and new tools to help me get to where I want to be. I always feel like I have a better sense of self after coaching with Julie. She has helped me work through a lot of things, and helped me shed what I didn't need to keep hanging on to."

Jessica Bell

Meet Your Self-Love Expert

Hi, I'm Julie

I believe self-love is the portal into greater impact, ease, connection and energy! But for so many people, this is an area of life that's buried beneath other responsibilities and priorities.

Since 2008, I’ve been supporting clients in identifying and gaining clarity around what their truths are – desires, values, dreams, goals, priorities, direction – in support of increasing their courage, self-clarity and advocacy, energy, aligned purpose and joy in life.

I help people from all ages and stages of life in creating a life of their own design and find more fulfillment and joy in each day. I help people develop a potent self-love system, which is a core ingredient for greater levels of joy, fulfillment and purpose in life (but that oftentimes get pushed to the wayside in service of other people's mission and needs).