Ever had those days when it feels like you're being pulled in a hundred different directions? Ever feel like life's fast pace leaves you feeling like you are constantly trying to catch up?

Me, too.

Continuing on at this rate, especially for long periods, can lead to BURNOUT. It can even slowly eek its way in without you even noticing.

Imagine this: waking up feeling refreshed, ready to face the day without that cloud of exhaustion hanging over you. It is possible. Burnout doesn't have to be your default mode.

Let's get real about burnout. It's not a badge of honor; it's a signal that something's off. Way off. In this workshop, we'll talk about what triggers it and, most importantly, how you can put a stop to the cycle with holistic self-care.

Join Julie Loomis for this transformative workshop

Self-care doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming.

It's about small, intentional choices that add up over time. No need to overhaul your entire routine – we'll work together to find the small shifts that make a big and meaningful difference that you can feel every day.

It's time to step back, take a breather, and reclaim your well-being. Burnout might have shown up uninvited, but you have the power to show it the door.

Together, we’ll explore practical and holistic self-care strategies to support you in refueling your energy, so that you can step into life with a renewed sense of balance. It’s time to reclaim your life from burnout and thrive on your own terms!

Here's a glimpse into some of what we'll explore:

Recognizing Burnout: A Closer Look

Burnout often hides in plain sight. We will identify the most common symptoms that may be telling you that you’re burned out. And most importantly, we’ll look at how to purposefully support yourself through burnout.

Rediscovering the Essence of Self-Care

What used to recharge your batteries doesn’t do the trick. What used to bring you joy, doesn’t have the same impact. There is nothing wrong with you: your needs have shifted. We will learn about holistic self-care and how you can incorporate it into your life now.

The Path to Thriving Through Self-Care

Unlock the secrets to thriving through self-care. Explore the art of seamlessly integrating self-care into your daily life, harnessing its transformative power to foster well-being. Learn practical yet profound steps to prioritize yourself without the need for a complete life overhaul.

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Meet Julie Loomis

Julie Loomis is a Mindset + Life Transformation Coach, Certified High Performance Coach™, certified Jack Canfield Success Principles trainer, and the visionary Founder + Retreat Leader at Luna Azul Retreats. She helps you discover how to create the radiant, easeful, intentional life you’ve been dreaming of — and how to break through what's holding you back. Through immersive retreats and individual and group coaching, Julie guides you to clarity around your core truths, desires, and a path forward to start living them. You're meant to live your life fully.

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Enrollment includes:

  • On-demand access to this interactive workshop with Julie Loomis

  • Companion workbook download - packed with powerful exercises - where you can capture your important insights and actionable ideas.

Full Bloom Level


Enrollment includes:

  • On-demand access to this interactive workshop with Julie Loomis

  • Companion workbook download - packed with powerful exercises - where you can capture your important insights and actionable ideas.
  • A Custom Burnout Audit Session  to support you in understanding where stress and overwhelm are showing up in your life. In this private 90-minute coaching session, we’ll build on the lessons from the workshop and help you determine your next steps to thrive.

This is for you if...

  • You have the tendency to take care of everyone else…except yourself.
  • The weight of endless demands has left you feeling constantly drained.
  • You're ready to break free from the cycle of overwhelm and make your own well-being a top priority. Finally.
  • You know you need to do more for yourself but you don’t know how, or what that would look like, or where to begin.
  • You've lost your sense of purpose and joy and you're eager to rediscover yourself and your passions and zest.

Life's sure been a whirlwind lately, hasn't it? Between work, family, and everything else, it's easy to feel like you're running on fumes.You might even be feeling burnout. I’ve been there. I get it.

Imagine this: waking up with a sense of calm, ready to tackle the day. Stress is taking a backseat. You feel in control of your workload and at peace. Sounds like a dream, right? But here's the thing – it's possible.

Burnout isn't something you have to accept. In this workshop, we'll dive into what's causing your burnout and empower you with a blueprint on how to break free.

We’ll deep dive into a real conversation about self-care. Not the fancy or superficial pampering you see on Instagram. I'm talking about simple, meaningful practices that can fit into your day and give you tremendous peace. No need to overhaul your life – I'll help you find what works for you.

It's time to take a breather, find your footing, and put yourself first. Burnout doesn't own you.

Join us to explore self-care, learn how to recharge your batteries now, and thrive with a renewed sense of energy and peace.

Julie Loomis

A Note from Julie

You may not know this about me, but this year has been pretty overwhelming. There’s been so much going on in all areas of my life. At times, it’s been more than any person can manage. I had no choice but to zoom in on what my priorities were and make tough decisions about what had to go on hold.

I dove deep into pinpointing my biggest source of overwhelm, and into learning new tools to help support me in identifying if/when I ever feel like I’m on the path to burnout in the future so that I can take action to change course much faster.

I doubled-down on self-care to help me heal, and made adjustments to my routines to help prevent me from feeling overwhelmed and burned out going forward. Through all of my efforts, I’ve been able to cultivate greater resilience. I learned a lot along the way and feel more equipped than ever to prevent future burnout.

Things certainly don’t seem to be slowing down in life, and I’m never lacking in things to do, so I know that this knowledge will support me in the future. I have no doubt that you can relate to what I’m saying and that you’ll benefit from learning more. I know it’s challenging to take time out for yourself, especially when you have so much to do, but you deserve to carve this time out for yourself.

I look forward to sharing everything with you.

Can’t wait to see you there!

In gratitude,

Here's what some of Julie's coaching clients say about their experience:

"This retreat was exactly what I needed to unwind from a hectic life and make myself a priority..." Sharon

"The Luna Azul retreat gave me the opportunity to give up control, be present and to take a look at my routines at home." Kristen Suckow

"Julie has helped me to find the positive when it feels like there is none....She's not judgmental, she's understanding and genuinely wants you to live your best life, being your best self.... Jessica Bell

"Julie's coaching shifted my mental habits from lifelong negativity into a positive direction. Her professional method also prevented me from backsliding. I honestly don't know what would have happened if I had not worked with Julie. Thank you, Julie!" — David Belote

"...She helped me regain my energy, see things with more clarity, and, most importantly, helped me get back on the path to success and following my purpose..." — Douglas Zamora