Next Time You're In a Bad Mood, Do This... change comfort zone enjoy the journey frustration happiness heartbreak honor the struggle mindfulness mindset present moment release self love stress management

The other day I was not in a good mood. AT ALL. I was feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and generally pretty darn cranky. 


Even though I wasn’t in a good mood, I was still happy. I was still enjoying my journey. 

I’m sure you’re thinking: Oh, come on!...

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Do You Wish You'd Let Yourself Be Happier? enjoy the journey getting started gratitude happiness mindfulness present moment

How many times have you thought to yourself things like:

When I…

  • get that job
  • finally find that special someone
  • buy a new car
  • get promoted
  • have more money

then I will…be less stressed

then I will…be able to relax

then I will…be happy

What do...

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